Lavinia Errico

Friday Night Featured Experience and Keynote Address

Join Lavinia Ericco (founder of Equinox), Donna D’Cruz, Patricia Moreno, Ben Allen and others, for a night of immersion in Music, Motivation, Meditation, Dance and more! Lavinia’s keynote address, "Find the Joy in the Journey and the Strength in the Struggle" is sure to inspire you to have the courage to be you, and to see the strength inside to live a fulfilled life.

New at This Year’s Conference

The ECA360 Product Marketplace. Shop directly from our sponsors and vendors, plus see new products demonstrated and buy through the new ECA360 Product Marketplace booths. Also debuting this year is the ECA360 Performance Stage which is open to the public and will feature ongoing performance demonstrations by fast-growing and emerging fitness brands and instructors. You can join in and participate, and also learn how to include our innovative fitness products into your routines. (If you have a product or emerging fitness brand and want to learn how to work with us, send an email to

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Presenters and Exhibitors!

Come and be inspired through the teachings of these brilliant leaders. Experience new routines, choreography as well as the new ECA360 Product Showcase. Some of the presenters include:

  • Peak Pilates®
  • Mike Boyle
  • Dr. Evan Osar
  • Dan Hellman
  • Powerstrike
  • ZUMBA™
  • Paul Katami
  • Stacey Lei Krauss
  • ISCA
  • Gail Bannister-Munn
  • Freedom Group Exercise
  • Aeroropes
  • Carlos Neto
  • Robert Sherman
  • Blossom Crawford
  • Ilaria Cavagna
  • Dr. Brent Anderson / Polestar Pilates
  • Enja Schenk
  • Christine Romani-Ruby
  • Patricia Moreno
  • Robert Steinbacher / bodyART
  • Beth Shaw / YogaFit
  • Dr. Emily Splichal
  • Michael Olajide
  • Tracey Mallett
  • Steve Feinberg / Speedball
  • Tony Stone
  • Broadway Dance Center
  • Benjamin Allen
  • Donna D’Cruz
  • Miracle Ball
  • Staby
  • ioBall
  • Jinga
  • And many more...

The list of presenters is growing. Click here to see the Schedule.
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About ECA360

The new ECA360 INSPIRE Conference is dedicated to presenting the best presenters, products and leaders in fitness, health, dance and movement. Our March INSPIRE conference in NYC will be a major event and we are offering discounted rates so you can come and experience it. Over the coming weeks, ECA360 will also be announcing and launching new year-round online initiatives including online education and certifications, year round marketing and brand promotion, online product marketplace featuring product trials and online demonstrations, a professional directory, and global business opportunities for emerging brands, trainers and products. We are excited by our growth plans and look forward to sharing them with our growing global community.

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